Malik Newman - Callaway Guard - Highlights/Interview

Malik Newman, the highly regarded combo guard from Callaway High School in Mississippi, has captured the attention of basketball fans and college coaches alike. Standing at six foot three and weighing 175 pounds, Newman's size and skill set make him a formidable force on the court. His ability to play both guard positions and his knack for scoring and leadership have earned him the top guard prospect title in the 2015 class. Newman is being courted by renowned basketball programs such as Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas, along with local schools like Ole Miss and Mississippi State. However, he has decided to delay his college decision until April. This allows him to take into account the current college players' choices and ensure that he joins a team with a roster that complements his abilities. With his talent and potential, Newman is poised to make a significant impact wherever he chooses to play at the collegiate level.