Maize High School QB Avery Johnson is a Huge Recruiting Win for Kansas State

Meet Avery Johnson, a rising star quarterback hailing from Mays High School near Wichita, Kansas. Avery's unyielding commitment to improvement sets him apart both on and off the field. Not only does he strive to become a better quarterback every day, but he also prioritizes personal development and academic excellence. Avery's dedication has yielded impressive results, as he boasts an exceptional academic record throughout his high school career. On the field, Avery's remarkable leadership skills and versatility shine through. He captained the Eagles to the championship game last season, displaying his ability to make every type of throw and do whatever it takes to secure victory. With his exceptional athleticism, Avery can dissect defenses from the pocket or create game-changing plays on the run. In his junior season, he amassed an astounding 3,500 yards of offense and 42 touchdowns, both passing and rushing combined. Click now to watch the incredible highlights of Avery Johnson, the young quarterback poised to make waves in the world of football. Experience his electrifying plays firsthand and witness the unwavering determination that propels him towards greatness.