Logan Matthews, a Kicker from Ponderosa High in Colorado, is on Several Colleges' Radars

Meet Logan Matthews, a rising star in high school sports hailing from Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado. With his remarkable skills as a kicker and punter, this 2023 prospect is making waves on the football field. Logan's leg strength is truly awe-inspiring, effortlessly sending the ball soaring through the back of the end zone on kickoffs and nailing field goals from impressive distances, even beyond 50 yards. In practice, he has even shown off his incredible accuracy with successful kicks from an astonishing 60 yards. But Logan's talents don't stop at football. He also shines in other sports like throwing the discus and shot put for the track team, as well as competing in weightlifting events. His dedication and versatility are evident in his pursuit of excellence across various athletic disciplines. With his sights set on playing college football, Logan has already received an offer from the Division 2 school, New Mexico Highlands. His exceptional skills have also caught the attention of prestigious institutions like the University of Colorado and Ivy League schools, highlighting his potential for a bright future in the sport. If you're eager to witness Logan's incredible athleticism in action, check out the featured video and prepare to be amazed.