Lindsay Rood - Monte Vista Shortstop - Highlights/Interviews

Lindsay Rude, a softball star from Monta Vista High School in Danville, California, is making waves with her exceptional skills and determination. As a five-tool player, Lindsay can hit, bunt, run, and play exceptional defense. Her coaches and teammates admire her mental edge and toughness, making her a true gamer on the field. Lindsay's talent has earned her an invitation to the USA junior nationals tryouts, where she was one of only four high school players selected. With her incredible talent, work ethic, and determination, Lindsay is destined to reach the highest levels of softball, including potentially playing at a Division One level and even on the USA softball team. Despite having to scale back her soccer commitments, Lindsay still led the Monta Vista soccer team to a national championship, showcasing her athleticism and speed. However, her true passion lies in softball, and she has committed to playing for the Cal Bears next year. With aspirations of reaching the professional league and representing her country on the USA softball team, Lindsay's future in the sport looks bright. Her talent and dedication make her an exciting athlete to watch, and her journey to the top is bound to inspire aspiring softball players everywhere.