Lexi Gordon - LD Bell Guard - Highlights/Interview

Meet Lexy Gordon, a talented high school basketball player with a lifelong passion for the game. With a basketball legacy running through her family, it's no surprise that Lexy has been immersed in the sport for as long as she can remember. From her freshman year onwards, Lexy's exceptional skills as a shooter, rebounder, and defender have made her an indispensable asset to her team's success. Throughout her high school career, Lexy's dedication to her teammates and her fierce defensive prowess have made her a standout player. Even when faced with constant double-teams, she has managed to average an impressive 22 points per game as a senior. It's no wonder that her shooting abilities have caught the attention of top college programs, with offers pouring in from prestigious institutions like Texas, Baylor, and even her parents' alma mater, TCU. Join us in celebrating Lexy's journey as she becomes a legend in her own right, breaking records and leaving a lasting impact on the basketball world. Watch the video to witness the extraordinary talent and unwavering passion of this exceptional young athlete.