Larry Williams - New Town Quarterback - Highlights

Meet Larry Williams, a remarkable 6-foot-2 quarterback from Newtown High School in Owings Mills, Maryland. Larry possesses a unique skill set that makes him a dual threat on the field. He combines lightning-fast running ability with precision passes, consistently outsmarting and outplaying his opponents. This past season, Larry showcased his leadership skills by guiding his team to an impressive 16-3 record and a well-deserved spot in the playoffs. His athleticism and strategic prowess were instrumental in his team's success, leaving fans in awe of his ability to dominate both on the ground and through the air. Larry's exceptional performance has caught the attention of college scouts, propelling him towards the next chapter of his athletic journey. With his eyes firmly fixed on the future, Larry dreams of continuing his football career at a top-tier college, where he can continue to impress with his talents.