Kevin Greene - Legend of the Game - Interview

Discover the extraordinary career of Kevin Greene, one of the greatest pass-rushers in football history, in this captivating video. Overcoming early challenges, Greene proved his worth as a walk-on at Auburn University and a fifth-round draft pick. With his dedication to technique and fundamentals, he quickly became a defensive starter and separated himself as an elite pass-rusher. Greene's commitment to studying the game allowed him to make impactful decisions and anticipate plays, setting him apart as a fiery athlete who loved the game. Join us as we celebrate Greene's remarkable journey to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016. In this video, delve into the remarkable journey of Kevin Greene, a football legend known for his exceptional pass-rushing skills. Despite early challenges, Greene's determination led him to become a key player at Auburn University and an elite defender in the NFL. What truly set Greene apart was his focus on technique and fundamentals, often overlooked by others. His dedication to studying the game allowed him to make critical decisions and anticipate plays, making him a force to be reckoned with on the field. Join us as we explore his incredible career, culminating in his deserved induction into the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame.