Kailyn Gilbert of IMG Academy is an Explosive Guard on Her Way to Arizona

In this week's Sports Star Spotlight, we turn our attention to Florida where we meet Caitlyn Gilbert, one of the top girls' basketball prospects in the nation. Caitlyn's love for the game is evident as she spends countless hours in the gym honing her skills. From a young age, her work ethic and dedication set her apart. Now, as a five-foot-eight-inch guard, Caitlyn is known for her explosive scoring ability, averaging around 30 points per game in her high school career. But it's not just about personal achievements for Caitlyn. She's a team player who does whatever it takes to secure a win. Her court awareness, change of speed, and competitive spirit make her a formidable opponent. Off the court, Caitlyn is a student of the game, studying her opponents and finding ways to improve her own skills. Her basketball IQ and leadership qualities have earned her the reputation of being a coach on the floor. After spending the past two seasons at Scepter