JR Justice - St. Augustine WR/QB - Highlights

Meet junior Justice, a rising star in the world of high school football hailing from San Diego, California. Standing at an impressive six-foot-three and weighing 200 pounds, this talented wide receiver from St. Augustine High School is making waves in the football scene. What sets him apart is not just his famous last name – he is the son of former Major League All-Star David Justice – but his exceptional skills and versatility on the field. Junior Justice is not just a receiver. With his impressive speed and athleticism, he can also play quarterback, defensive back, and even punt. In his junior season, he made a name for himself, catching 31 passes for over 700 yards and scoring seven touchdowns. As he gears up for his senior season, he is ready to showcase his talents even further, potentially taking on the quarterback position. His outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed by college recruiters. Junior Justice has already received offers from prestigious schools such as Boston College, San Diego State, and Columbia. With his athleticism and dedication, it's no surprise that he is attracting attention from top-tier colleges across the country. Prepare to be impressed by junior Justice's skills and watch as he carves out his own path in the sports world, following in his father's footsteps while making a name for himself. Stay tuned for his outstanding performances in the upcoming season and see why he is considered a rising star in the world of high school football.