Joseph Lewis - Augustus Hawkins Wide Receiver - Highlights/Interview

"Joseph Lewis: From Raw Talent to Rising Star in American Football - A Journey of Passion and Dedication" In this video, we explore the inspiring story of Joseph Lewis, a talented wide receiver from San Diego, who has emerged as one of the most competitive athletes in the 2017 class. After relocating to Los Angeles with his family, Joseph enrolled at Augustus Hawkins High School, known for its diverse academic offerings. Under the guidance of coaches Melvin James and Malik, the Hawkins football team has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Despite Joseph's initial lack of experience in football, his coaches recognized his potential, and he quickly evolved from a raw player into one of the best receivers in the country. Joseph's unmatched work ethic and intensity have played a pivotal role in his success, earning him a prestigious five-star prospect rating and attracting offers from top college football programs. Throughout his journey, Joseph's ultimate dream has been to play at the professional level, a goal he shares with his father, who has been his biggest supporter since they first started watching football together. Join us as we delve into Joseph's passion and dedication, highlighting the remarkable journey that has made him a rising star in American football.