Jerome Bettis - NFL Legend of the Game - Interview

Jerome Bettis, nicknamed "The Bus," is celebrated as one of the most dominant and accomplished running backs in NFL history. With a remarkable career spanning 13 seasons, Bettis surpassed 13,000 rushing yards, placing him sixth on the all-time list. What set Bettis apart was his exceptional combination of size, agility, and elusive moves, making him a force to reckon with on the field. Bettis's longevity and impact can be attributed to his unique skill set. Unlike other bulky running backs, he possessed the rare ability to swiftly move his feet sideways, thriving in short-yardage situations and the red zone. With an impressive 91 rushing touchdowns, Bettis became the go-to player when the going got tough. After three seasons with the Rams, Bettis was traded to the prestigious Pittsburgh Steelers, where he would spend the remainder of his illustrious career. Representing such a legendary franchise was a privilege for Bettis, who fully grasped the weight of the shadows cast by his predecessors. Discover more about this remarkable running back and his enduring impact in the captivating video above.