Jeremiah Knight - Jefferson Running Back - Highlights

Witness the incredible journey of Jeremiah Knight, the lightning-fast running back from Jefferson Area High School. This talented senior showcased his skills, rushing for over 1,900 yards and scoring an impressive 20 touchdowns in his final season. Affectionately known as "Boogie," Jeremiah's remarkable performance intensified in the last few weeks, where he ran for a stunning 1,200 yards. His speed and agility leave defenders in the dust, earning him admiration from teammates and fans alike. As Jeremiah prepares to graduate, he is set to leave a lasting mark on the county with all the rushing records in his name. College football programs are taking notice of his exceptional abilities, and Jeremiah aspires to continue his football career at the collegiate level. This inspiring video captures his relentless pursuit of his dreams and the dedication it takes to excel in the sport. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the phenomenal talent of Jeremiah Knight in action.