Jared Turner is a Coach's Kid Who is Flying Under the Radar

Jared Turner, an underrated player in boys basketball, has been immersed in the sport from a young age due to his father's role as a coach at Gonzaga College High School. Although Jared played multiple sports, basketball always captured his heart. Despite facing injuries and challenges, Jared's physical growth, standing at almost 6'8", has allowed him to realize his potential as a dominant player. His greatest asset is his ability to shoot from deep, supported by his basketball IQ, excellent passing skills, and team-oriented mindset. Jared's parents, particularly his mother, have played a crucial role in shaping him on and off the court. As a coach's son, he has successfully managed to balance his relationship with his father while excelling as a young man. In addition to his basketball journey, Jared aspires to become a sports psychologist in the future. Explore Jared's inspiring story and discover the hidden gem in boys basketball through this engaging video.