Jalen Hill - Centennial Forward - Highlights/Interview

Jaelyn Hill, a six-foot-eight power forward from Centennial High School in Corona, California, is making waves on the basketball court with his impressive skills. While known for his scoring ability in the low post, Hill's true strength lies in his defensive prowess. With his ability to dunk, block shots, and grab rebounds, Hill brings energy and size to the game, catching the attention of the UCLA coaching staff. Excitingly, Hill has committed to UCLA, a school close to home that he sees as the perfect fit. Joining a highly touted 2017 recruiting class for the Bruins, which includes notable players like Alonzo Ball's younger brother, Lee Angela, as well as McDonald's All-Americans Chris Wilts and Jalen Hands, Hill and his fellow recruits are ready to bring their athleticism and game-changing finishes to the team. Even if UCLA loses some key players to the NBA after this season, Hill and his talented classmates are prepared to step up and fill the void. Their skills and determination promise a bright future in college basketball, ensuring an exciting watch for fans as they witness these rising stars in action.