Isaiah Wilson - Poly Prep Offensive Lineman - Highlights/Interview

Meet Isaiah Wilson, a standout senior at Poly Prep in Brooklyn, New York, and one of the country's premier offensive line prospects. Standing at an impressive 6'7" and weighing 345 pounds, Isaiah's incredible work ethic has propelled him to success. And despite his size, he maintains a remarkable 18 percent body fat, displaying his rare agility and athleticism. Isaiah's confidence on the field stems from his dedication to understanding the game. He immerses himself in the playbook, ensuring he knows his assignments inside and out. This commitment extends to his academics as well, as he chose Poly Prep for its challenging curriculum. Not only is Isaiah a gifted athlete, but he is also a highly intelligent student. With major recruiting services recognizing his potential as a five-star prospect, Isaiah's determination to improve is truly paying off. Join us in watching the video to learn more about Isaiah Wilson and his journey to success on and off the football field.