Isaiah Briscoe - Roselle Catholic Guard - Highlights/Interview

Introducing Isaiah Briscoe: the rising star point guard with NBA dreams. Hailing from Roselle Catholic in New Jersey, Briscoe has already made a name for himself in the high school basketball circuit. After a successful stint at St. Benedict's Prep, he found a supportive environment at Roselle Catholic, with its close proximity to his home providing a strong support system for his achievements. At an impressive six feet three inches tall, Briscoe's skills and determination have driven him towards success. Considered one of the country's elite prospects, his versatile game includes scoring, playmaking, and defensive prowess, making him a coach's dream. Adaptable to any role on the court, Briscoe has earned respect and admiration from teammates and coaches alike. Join us in watching the video to witness the remarkable talent of Isaiah Briscoe as he pursues his NBA dreams.