Holden Staes Wants to be the Next Great Notre Dame Tight End

Holden, a promising tight end prospect from Atlanta's Westminster Schools, is the focus of this week's Sports Star Spotlight. Known for its rigorous academics and successful athletics, Westminster is renowned as one of the top academic schools in the country. Holden, the son of two lawyers, understands the importance of excelling in the classroom before stepping onto the football field. With a humble and hardworking attitude instilled by his parents and coaches, Holden has thrived both academically and athletically. Coach Jerry Romberg recognized Holden's potential early on and allowed him to join the varsity team as a freshman, a rare opportunity. Holden's dedication in the weight room, combined with his physical attributes and basketball background, makes him a versatile and formidable tight end. His commitment to Notre Dame stems from his dream of playing for the school and their tradition of NFL-bound tight ends. Holden aspires to win a national championship, become a first-round draft pick, and have a successful NFL career