Findlay Prep Basketball - Highlights/Interviews

Finley Prep, based in Henderson, Nevada, is a renowned high school basketball program that has consistently produced top-tier players and achieved tremendous success since its establishment in 2006. With an impressive track record of three national titles and a roster that includes NBA players like Avery Bradley and Tristan Thompson, Finley Prep has proven its ability to prepare athletes for the college basketball stage. Led by first-year head coach Paul Washington, the team attracts talented players from across the United States and even internationally. This season, the spotlight is on Paul "PJ" Washington, a dynamic 6'8" forward committed to playing for Kentucky. PJ is an exceptional player known for his versatility, excelling in areas such as rebounding, shooting, driving, and defense. His tenacity on the court and dominance in grabbing rebounds make him a force to be reckoned with. To add to the excitement, PJ's father, who has coached him at various levels, is also a part of the coaching staff, making his senior year a truly special experience for both father and son. Experience the excellence of Finley Prep basketball and witness the incredible talent of PJ Washington in action. Check out our exclusive video featuring highlights and insights into one of the country's top high school basketball programs.