Elijah Thomas, Admon Gilder - Texas A&M commits - Interview

"From High School Hoops to Texas A&M: The Dynamic Friendship and Athletic Journey of Admin Gilder and Elijah Thomas" In this captivating video, explore the incredible bond and basketball journey of Admin Gilder and Elijah Thomas, two highly talented high school athletes. From their early days as close friends to becoming sought-after recruits, their friendship has both inspired and challenged them on and off the court. Elijah, an impressive big man at Lancaster High School, quickly made a name for himself as one of the best in the 2015 class. Meanwhile, Admin, a renowned shooting guard at Dallas Madison, gained a reputation as a lights-out shooter, particularly during the Texas state championships. Although attending different schools, their friendship remained unwavering, often spending quality time together outside of game days. Their friendship, however, wasn't without its challenges. Sometimes, their competitiveness spilled onto the court, resulting in double fouls and laughter. But amidst the banter and rivalry, they drove each other to be better athletes, with Elijah helping Admin improve his post play. Their hard work paid off as college recruiters took notice of their remarkable skills, frequently making visits to both athletes. Ultimately, an exciting twist of fate brought their dream to life, as Admin and Elijah committed to playing basketball together at the prestigious Texas A&M University. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we delve into the story of Admin Gilder and Elijah Thomas, witnessing their growth, competitiveness, and unwavering friendship, all culminating in their triumph at Texas A&M.