Eliana Enriquez of Rosemont High School Can Play Quarterback, and she's also a Softball Star

Meet Eliana Henriquez, a remarkable high school senior from Sacramento, California, who is making history as a female football player. With a standout performance as the starting quarterback for her high school's JV team, Eliana led her squad to an impressive 8-1-1 record and claimed the offensive MVP title. Now, she is gearing up to become the starting varsity quarterback for her school's football team, making her just the third female athlete to achieve this feat at Rosemont High. But Eliana's athletic prowess doesn't end there. She is a versatile three-sport athlete, excelling in basketball and softball as well. Despite the setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Eliana is eager to showcase her skills in the upcoming softball season and has already caught the attention of college recruiters with her impressive sophomore year performance, including a remarkable batting average of 6.51. Schools like Mississippi Valley State and George Mason are already expressing their interest in recruiting this talented athlete. Prepare to be inspired by Eliana's incredible journey and her determination to break barriers in the world of sports.