Drew Timme - JJ Pearce Forward - Highlights/Interview

Discover the rising star of Drew Timmy, a remarkable 6-foot 10-inch center from Pierce High School in Richardson. Despite the dominance of perimeter players in today's basketball scene, Timmy's incredible skills in the post make him an unstoppable force. Known for his shot-blocking, rebounding, and selflessness on the court, Timmy is widely recognized as a top 50 national prospect. Thriving on the intense competition and camaraderie within Dallas, Timmy believes in the power of pushing oneself and others to achieve greatness. Already holding multiple school records, Timmy's ultimate goal is to secure as many victories as possible for his team. Excitingly, Timmy has committed to the renowned Gonzaga University, where he sees his multi-dimensional and skilled playing style perfectly aligning with the institution's successful legacy of talented big men and exceptional coaching staff. Prepare to be blown away by the talent and determination of Drew Timmy as he paves his way to basketball stardom. Don't miss the chance to witness his breathtaking skills in our exclusive video, showcasing his remarkable abilities in the post that set him apart from the rest.