Devin Asiasi - De La Salle Tight End - Highlights/Interviews

Devin Ozzie, a senior leader at De La Salle High School, is leaving an incredible legacy in the school's football program. Known for its remarkable history and a national record-winning streak, De La Salle's success has even been immortalized in a movie. Despite the pressure of being part of such a storied program, Devin embraces the Spartan tradition and proudly represents his school. Initially a quarterback, Devin's size and the team's depth in that position led him to switch to tight end and defensive end. While it was a challenging transition, Devin's enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for the team shone through. He quickly adapted to his new roles and found joy in the simplicity of playing as a tight end, leveraging his quarterback knowledge to read coverages and make strategic plays. His strength as a blocker sets him apart and makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Discover the incredible journey of Devin Ozzie as he cements his place in De La Salle High School's football legacy. Witness how his determination, adaptability, and passion for the game have made him a true Spartan. Don't miss this inspiring video that captures the essence of Devin's impact on the renowned football program.