Dayne Bordelon is a rising guard prospect at South Lafourche High School

Meet Dane Bordelon, a rising star in the world of high school basketball. Hailing from Southla Couch High School in Louisiana, Dane is a 2021 prospect to watch out for. As a talented guard, he showcased his skills on the court last season, averaging an impressive seven and a half points and two assists per game. But it doesn't stop there – Dane's three-point range is truly a force to be reckoned with, shooting an impressive 38 percent from beyond the arc. Dane's abilities go beyond the stats sheet. He helped lead his team to the state playoffs, demonstrating his ability to thrive under pressure. As he enters his senior year, Dane's teammates and coaches are eagerly counting on him to take charge and elevate his game to new heights. His dedication and determination are unwavering, and he aims to leave a lasting legacy on his high school basketball career. Looking beyond high school, Dane has his sights set on playing at the collegiate level. College recruiters have taken notice of his exceptional talent, thanks to his highlight reel that captures his remarkable skills on the court. With his eyes fixed on success, Dane is determined to make his mark on the next chapter of his basketball journey. Stay tuned and witness the rise of this extraordinary young athlete.

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