Rising Volleyball Star Claire Felix: An Inspiring Journey from Ballet Dancer

Meet Claire Felix, the rising star in the world of volleyball from Monument, Colorado. Standing at an impressive six feet five inches tall, Claire's talent and determination are helping her achieve her lofty goals in the sport. But her success can be attributed not just to her height, but also to her exceptional footwork, which she honed through her love for dancing, particularly ballet. Her years of dance have contributed to her hand-eye coordination and balance, making her a formidable player on the volleyball court. Claire's journey began when she outgrew dancing and found her way to Aces, the Colorado Juniors Volleyball Club. It was here that the coaches recognized her potential and invited her to join their team. This marked the beginning of an eight-year relationship, during which Claire developed the skills that helped her secure a starting spot at the Classical Academy in Colorado Springs as a freshman. By her sophomore year, she was already making waves in the volleyball community. Follow Claire's inspiring journey as she strives for greatness in the world of volleyball.