Bruce Thornton of Milton High School is One of the Best Two-Way Players in the 2022 Class

Meet Bruce Thornton, an exceptional high school basketball player from Milton High School in Georgia. With a strong athletic tradition and academic excellence, Milton High School has nurtured some of the best young talents in the country. Bruce Thornton, a 6'1" point guard, has emerged as a top prospect not just for his athleticism, but for his deep understanding of the game. Bruce's parents were college athletes, and their influence has helped shape his journey. He started playing point guard in sixth grade and quickly developed his ball skills. Despite not growing much taller, Bruce realized that he had to work twice as hard as taller players to excel. This motivated him to study film and improve his defensive skills. Bruce's basketball IQ is off the charts, and his selflessness and dedication to his teammates make him a remarkable leader. He cares about winning and ensures that everyone on the team gets their shots. Bruce's obsession