Bobby Witt, Jr, and Mason Greer - Colleyville Heritage Baseball

Meet Bobby Witt Jr. and Mason Grier, two phenomenal high school athletes from the Colleyville Heritage Panthers. These best friends share a lifelong passion for baseball and have formed an exceptional partnership as shortstop and second baseman. Coming from baseball backgrounds, with their fathers having successful careers in the major leagues, Witt and Grier have honed their skills and developed an extensive knowledge of the game. Already gaining attention from college recruiters, Witt has committed to the University of Oklahoma, while Grier has committed to Auburn University. However, their incredible talent and potential have positioned Witt as the top prospect in the country for the 2019 class, making him a potential high draft pick for professional baseball. Don't miss out on watching the inspiring journey of these remarkable young athletes and their quest for greatness in the world of baseball.