Ben Jefferson - Pacifica Quarterback - Highlights

This week's viewer highlight tape showcases the extraordinary talent of Ben Jefferson, a standout quarterback from Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California. As a junior, Ben displayed his skills by amassing an impressive 3,200 yards of offense and an incredible 40 touchdowns. This outstanding performance earned him the coveted league MVP honors, setting the stage for an even more remarkable senior season. Standing at five feet ten inches, Ben is known for his remarkable dual-threat abilities on the field. However, what truly sets Ben apart is not just his exceptional talent but also his tremendous potential for the future. Having already received scholarship offers from reputable institutions like the military academies, New Mexico, and UC Davis, Ben has caught the attention and admiration of college recruiters. These early offers highlight the recognition he has garnered in the football community. As he gears up for his senior year, Ben is determined to continue impressing both on and off the field with his eye set on a successful college football career. If you want to witness the awe-inspiring skills of this talented young quarterback, be sure to check out our viewer highlight segment. Join us in celebrating Ben's accomplishments and glimpse into the promising future that lies ahead for this exceptional athlete.