Armanti Foreman Texas City Wide Receiver - Interview - Sports Stars of Tomorrow

Texas City's Armanti Foreman was the first commit for Oklahoma's 2014 recruiting class, but the Wide Receiver had a change of heart and reopened his search for a collegiate home this spring. Basically all the schools that backed off of me because I was committed to Oklahoma really just came back again and tried to see if I'm interested and really I'm interested in a lot of of schools. I'm listening to anything that anybody has to say, I'm listening to any school right now because I want to get the best fit is for me I want to go to the best school for me. It's easy to see why numerous schools from every corner of the country would have a renewed interest, Armanti stands over 6 feet tall and runs a shade over a 4.4. Armanti is very explosive, he has the speed, he has great hands he works extremely hard, he's a competitor on the field and wants the ball in his hands and wants to score. He adds another dimension and somebody has to cover him on the edge out there if they leave him 1 on 1 he's very dangerous he's a deep threat it's fun to get the ball in his hands even running the ball he can give it to him on a reverse, put him in the backfield, throw it to him. As fun as it is to watch, Coach Surovik prefers a run based approach, which is hard to argue with considering the Stings should be a favorite in 4A in 2013. Armanti still managed 36 receptions for 959 yards and 9 touchdowns and also ran for 500 yards but he wouldn't mind seeing the pass be the focal point of an offensive system at his next destination. Of course I want the ball I'm a receiver, really like a spread or no a huddle offense or fast paced offense, but an athlete you have to make players anyway and I feel that's what I do I make plays. One other element that is weighing on Armanti's decision is the opportunity to continuing being teammates with his twin brother D'Onta who is a solid prospect in his own right, but hasn't received the level of recognition that Armanti has enjoyed. It's a possibilty I guess their ultimate dream would be to play together here in Texas somewhere, they know reality, Armanti wants what's best for him and his brother wants what's best for him as well. At the moment Armanti says he's not making any decisions on his collegiate future until after the upcoming season. Most likely I'm gonna try to announce it at any big game that I decide to play in, I've been selected to play in some big games so whatever big game I decide to play in I'll try announce it there.