Adriana Merriam of Evanston Township is a Baylor Soccer Commit

Adriana Miriam, a talented senior at Evanston Township High School in Illinois, is making waves in the world of soccer. With her impressive skill set as an attacking midfielder, she consistently finds the back of the net and sets up scoring opportunities for her teammates. Adriana's versatility as an athlete is showcased not only on the soccer field but also in basketball and track. However, her true passion lies in soccer, leading her to make a verbal commitment to play for the Baylor Bears at the collegiate level next season. If you're in search of an inspiring high school sports story, look no further than Adriana Miriam's remarkable journey. Her exceptional performances on the field, unwavering commitment to her team, and future aspirations make her story resonate with sports enthusiasts and aspiring athletes alike. Tune in to 'Sports Stars of Tomorrow' on YouTube for more captivating stories like Adriana's and make sure to subscribe to catch all the action.