5 Star Feature: Hillcrest Prep Center Makur Maker Talks About Entering the NBA Draft or Playing in College

Meet McCore Maker, a rising basketball star in the 2020 class. Born in Kenya to Sudanese parents, he moved to Australia at just one year old. McCore's passion for sports led him to explore various disciplines, but it was basketball that captured his heart and drove him to strive for greatness. At the age of 14, McCore embarked on a journey across continents in pursuit of basketball excellence. He first moved to Los Angeles, then spent two years in Canada before returning to Southern California. Along the way, he found guidance from Edward Smith, who had previously worked with his cousins, Thon Maker and Matur Maker, both making waves in the basketball world. Inspired by their success, McCore made the decision to join them in the United States, determined to leave his own mark on the game. Standing tall at 6 feet, McCore Maker is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. Watch his journey unfold as he shares his story and showcases his skills in this captivating video.