5 Star Feature: J.T. Tuimoloau of Eastside Catholic High School could be the #1 Prospect in 2021

Meet Jalen Low, one of the nation's most exceptional high school athletes. Despite the cancellation of high school football in Washington this fall, Jalen remains determined and focused on his future. Train at Ford Sports Performance, where top athletes gather, Jalen stands out among the crowd, catching the attention of Seattle Seahawks players and college football stars with his exceptional skills. At an impressive six feet five inches and 280 pounds, Jalen dominates as a defensive lineman at East Side Catholic High School. He has earned a five-star prospect rating and an All-American Bowl selection, possibly making him the number one player in the 2021 class. Not only talented in football, Jalen is also a division one prospect in basketball. Beyond sports, Jalen aspires to become a successful businessman and aims to make a difference in the world. Education holds equal importance to him as he pursues his dreams. Get inspired by Jalen's incredible journey and watch the video now.